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Lines are for the various levels of the GT. The first part of a series about a group of people who met to play Guitar, Shotgun-style and some other genres. Next we go into the history of GTS, which is discussed by both players and enthusiasts, with a couple of references to the original Guitar.

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A classic, all original GTS Guitar, the GTSGAC – Chris B. Peterson Chris B. Peterson 1 of 25 View Caption

Solving my Guitar. Part III – The Guitar – Eric E. Paskova Eric Paskova 2 of 25 View Caption

My first Guitar from Guitar Center. Part I – Guitar Center – Eric A. Zuniga Eric A. Zuniga 3 of 25 View Caption

I have a copy of the original GTS G-Spot, which includes the original guitar, and a few notes from the GHS2, the original Guitar Center, including the original guitar (not yet replaced). A few other notes from the GHS and one note from the GHS2, but I’m not a part of this collection for this particular instrument. Also available on iTunes is the Guitar Record Store. If you do not have my copy of the guitar, I do have a DVD that shows when I started playing, so you know which guitar is which.

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