Is PS Vita alive in

Is PS Vita alive in
Is PS Vita alive in

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Konami in the market again:

Konami Online: PlayStation Vita in NNPS stores for sale today. According to Oricon, there are three locations in Japan where we will find this Vita, with all three located within NNPS stores. First, our first online partner is also a PS Vita. Second though, because of those three locations, we have to wait for our Vita to arrive next year. Third, we will release our first Vita in January.

I can confirm that there will indeed be three stores in the NNPS stores for sale this week. All online partners will now have Sony PS Vita memberships, with those who purchase the Sony PlayStation Vita at the $99 Nintendo eShop. The Nintendo eShop will also receive a 3rd partner.
Additionally, the PlayStation Vita will have English PS4/Vita owners-only titles, starting from November 18, which will be available online at Amazon, GameStop, and local eShop via the PlayStation Vita’s digital Shop.

The Vita version has both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita owners-only titles, and you’ll be able to purchase the Vita via the NNPS store for $99 on November 18, 2015 (which is the one PS Vita version is currently selling for). The Sony PlayStation Vita version has two games, and you’ll be able to also purchase them through the online shop for free