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I’ve also tried this. It seems to be more like a regular ‘I’m not sure if it’s meant to be, or if the script is merely reworded to correct them. The script, however, appears to have changed.



I know my original problem with the script didn’t cause me any problems or troubles, but for the sake of the thread, I don’t seem to have found a solution yet.

Here’s what I’ve done:

1) I removed the text from the beginning and added the ending to it.

2) I used the same script as the one earlier, and removed the ending. This version does remove the ending, and it seems to just work, I suppose.

3) I reordered the script.

4) The script appears to be working fine.



Thanks and I’d like to have another update, I know the problem has already been fixed. However, I’ll do my best to correct, and I hope that it doesn’t affect my users.



I have a different problem. Maybe it is more complicated than the one above, but I’d like to find a solution.

I’ve tried some (mostly, if I remember correctly) options – I’ve added the same script